By Karsten S. Andersen

Merry Bruce Christmas!

Published 2010-12-24

Christmas is over us and 2010 is running out of time. Greasy Lake would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Festivus, or whatever you're celebrating. If you're among the people who didn't get the Darkness box yet, hopefully it will be under the Christmas tree for you. From a Bruce perspective that box has been the definite highlight of the year and will be hard to surpass for Bruce in 2011. But, if anyone can do it, it would be him. Within the next few days I will publish the official Greasy Lake review of the box that I hope you'll enjoy. Until then, if you are bored waiting for food to be served and presents to be handed out, you can spend some time testing your Bruce knowledge in three new additions to the quiz section.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the holidays!

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