By Karsten S. Andersen

Darkness box hits the shelves

Published 2010-11-15

The Promise was kept. At least in Europe, the Darkness boxset and the separate The Promise double album are now available. Americans will have to wait till Tuesday, but after a three-month wait, one more day seems like it might just be possible to overcome for even the most impatient fan. What really sucks are the several cases we've heard of where stores haven't had enough of the blu-ray version in stock - if any at all - or when buyers have found the wrong discs in their boxes. But those cases are still the exception, and most fans have gotten exactly what they were promised: the most extensive Springsteen release ever, and the closest thing to a Holy Grail since Bruce released his first live album in 1986. Initial reception has been as unanimously ecstatic as probably any new release by Bruce ever, and that goes for fans and press alike. The general feeling seems to be that this time they got it right.

Here at Greasy Lake we are of course in a celebratory mood, and we want to invite you to share your feelings, opinions and experiences with this new amazing thing. There are several ways for you to do that:

Write a comment about, or a review of, the box and/or the double album.

Vote in the first of several polls that will cover the new release.

Participate in the photo contest and win a t-shirt.

Of course, also don't forget to tune in to E Street Radio on Sirius (if you have access to it) tonight at 8 p.m. EST and listen to Bruce himself in conversation with Dave Marsh and some lucky fans.  And tomorrow night, a little after midnight, Bruce will be on the Jimmy Fallon show to talk about the new release and to perform a few songs from it.

We hope you will enjoy the next several days of listening, watching, reading, and drooling. November is here and the time is right for getting lost in the darkness on the edge of town.

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