By Karsten S. Andersen

And the winner is...

Published 2010-10-24

Two weeks ago we launched a new trivia quiz in order to celebrate our new design, and today, almost 200 entries later, we are happy to announce the winner. And the name is...

Brad Elliott

We deliberately didn't say "the lucky winner", because the fact is, Brad was the only one to get all the answers right. So he is in truth the "very competent winner" and really deserves the prize. He will soon be the owner of a copy of the book The Light in Darkness, kindly donated by the author, Lawrence Kirsch.

To the rest of you, thank you for playing along. Hope to do it again some other time. And now you are probably dying to know what the correct answers were. Lots of you only missed only one or two answers, and admittedly, there were some really hard ones included. Here goes:

1. Which of these top 10 hits was never promoted with an official video?
Answer: Cover Me
Most of you had no trouble with this one. Even though the "Dancing in the Dark" video had been a great success, no video was made for the second single off the Born in the USA album.

2. Why did Bruce not use his old Fender Esquire on the 2009 tour?
Answer: It was used in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame exhibition
That's right, and as far as I know, the legendary guitar can still be seen there.

3. When was the first show billed as “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band”?
Answer: 1974
Bruce started playing with the group of musicians who would become the E Street Band as early as 1972, but it wasn't until 1974 that they would actually be billed as such.

4. Which of these songs from Tracks has yet to be performed live by Bruce?
Answer: "Rockaway the Days"
Yes, unfortunately this gem has yet to have its live premiere. Am I the only one thinks it would work really well?

5. When was Bruce’s first performance on live television?
Answer: 1988
This was a tough one for most of you, and understandably so. It is often believed that Bruce's first performance on live television was his appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1992 with his new band. However, four years earlier, during the Tunnel of Love Tour, he and Clarence got on stage at an anti-racism benefit concert in Paris, France, billed as SOS Racism, which was shown live on French TV.

6. Which of these bands was Bruce a member of for a week in 1995?
Answer: Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers
After producing Grushecky's album American Babylon, Bruce continued to help promote his Pittsburgh friend by joining his band for several shows during what became known as the "October Assault".

7. What did Steel Mill call themselves before they changed their name to Steel Mill?
Answer: Child
Legend has it that there was already a band in the neighborhood named Child, so Bruce and his pals changed their name to Steel  Mill.

8. Which of these countries has Bruce never played in?
Answer: Russia
Unlike many other big stars, Bruce has yet to perform in Russia. There was talk of a show in Moscow during the Human Rights Now! Tour in 1988, but it didn't materialize. In return, he did perform in Athens, Greece, during that tour, and that remains his only gig there. If you're wondering about the Poland option, Bruce did two shows there in 1997 as part of the Ghost of Tom Joad Tour, the only time Bruce has included any part of Eastern Europe in one of his own tours.

9. How did Bruce celebrate his 40th birthday in 1989?
Answer: He got on stage at a local bar
The show took place at McLoone's Rumrunner in Sea Bright. Along with several E Street Band members he took matters in his own hands and proved that 40 wasn't too old to rock.

10. Which of these stars has Bruce never shared a live stage with?
Answer: Michael Jackson
Bruce and Michael Jackson did perform together if you count the recording of the "We Are the World" single, but the question referred to a live stage. Many of you thought it had to be Prince, but Bruce actually guested with Prince in Inglewood, California, in 1985. They did "Little Red Corvette" together.

11. Who did Bruce pay tribute to when he sang “Remember When the Music” in 1987?
Answer: Harry Chapin
No problems with this question for just about any of you. The event was released as a live album that also includes Bruce's performance.

12. What is the only town in Montana that Bruce has ever played in?
Answer: Whitefish
Bruce has never performed publicly in Montana, but he did get on stage at a birthday party for his friend and producer Chuck Plotkin in his house in Whitefish in 1996.

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