By Karsten S. Andersen

Support cancer fight and win book

Published 2010-10-17

Our friend Lawrence Kirsch has donated a brand new copy of his first much sought-after book For You to a raffle benefitting the Canadian Cancer Society. All you have to do to get a chance to win the book is to make a $10 donation. A $15 donation will give you three chances. That's much less than it would cost you on eBay (you can forget about finding it in stock in regular stores) and you get to support a very worthy cause. Check out Lawrence's own site for more information on how this new classic in Springsteen literature can be yours.

You also still have a chance to get your hands on Lawrence's second book, The Light in Darkness, right here on Greasy Lake in our offiical 2010 Redesign Trivia Quiz. Surprisingly, despite a few hundred entries so far, only one person got all the questions right so far, so with a little research this book could really be yours!

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