By Karsten S. Andersen

Norwegian E Street rumors

Published 1997-04-12
A few weeks ago a Norwegian newspaper reported that Bruce would play in Norway this year with the E Street Band. We have investigated the matter (thanks Thorleif!). It turns out the journalist who wrote the piece talked to an employee at the Norwegian concert bureau Gunnar Eide A/S who said that Bruce planned to go out on a new tour later this year (as in, not the Shut the Fuck Up Tour) and that this tour was going to be with a band. The journalist concluded that must mean the E Street Band, but we find it more likely that (if there's any truth to this story at all) it will be a small acoustic folk band, which Bruce has expressed interest in on a couple of occasions. The source at Gunnar Eide was definitely not talking about the tour in May, because they tried to get Bruce to Norway for this tour also, but were turned down. Anyway, if anything comes of this, it could mean two European tours in 1997, but don't get your hopes up yet. Bruce's plans can change overnight, and there's absolutely nothing that's certain at this point in regard to what's going to happen after May.

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