By Karsten S. Andersen

Bruce's future plans

Published 1997-02-15
Bruce reveals some of his plans for the future, saying that for the next few months he'll be in the recording studio before touring Europe for three weeks in May. What's going to happen after that is all in the air. Dates of the European tour have yet to be announced. However, Backstreets Magazine has nosed out some tentative dates in cities such as Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Paris plus numerous French provincial towns (check out Backstreets' homepage for more info), but those dates to us look more like part of a very extensive tour which may have been under construction at some point, but which, judging from Bruce's statement about a three-week tour only, could have been scrapped by now. Otherwise, it would seem very strange to do so many shows in France and absolutely no shows in for example Germany or England. So our guess at this point is a tour covering parts of Eastern Europe plus major cities in Western Europe. The only thing that's certain is that he will be in Stockholm on May 5 to receive the Polar Music Award and probably sing a couple of songs in that connection. The prize will be presented by the Swedish King Carl Gustav, and it's expected that the ceremony will be broadcast live on Swedish TV.

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