By Karsten S. Andersen

Bruce at the MTV Music Video Awards

Published 1997-09-19
Sorry for not keeping you up to date, but most of you of course will know that Bruce performed with The Wallflowers at MTV's annual music video awards on September 4. Bruce, sporting an unusually short haircut, played guitar and sang a verse on the song "One Headlight". Prior to that he also performed at a club with a band called Jimmy & the Gigolos. Backstreets has more details about that. These two appearances were Bruce's first public performances since the last Paris show on May 26. The future is still unknown, but rumors continue circulate about more acoustic shows in November. On another note, the latest issue of Q has an interview with Jon Bon Jovi in which he mentions the Springsteens: "We all had dinner at my house, and he looked right through me and said, 'I tell you, I'm happier now than I've ever been in my life.' He's playin' an acoustic guitar by himself, pretending to be Woody Guthrie. And I went, 'OK, for the first time I'm not gonna tell you to put the band back together. I finally get it!' I'd been relentless in telling him to put the fuckin' band back together. He wouldn't have a word of it. He don't wanna be The Boss all the timer, either."

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