By Karsten S. Andersen

Bootleg release with its own homepage

Published 1998-06-13
When has this ever happened before? Someone releases a bootleg and dedicates an entire web site to it. The site even has its own domain: so it has to be someone with a rather thick wallet who's behind it. The bootleg itself is nothing spectacular. On the contrary. The material on Before the Fame, demos and studio outtakes from the early Seventies, has been released numerous times before. The first time it slipped out to the public was in connection with Dare International's attempt in 1994 to release it as an official album which would have been called Prodigal Son. However, Bruce's lawyers worked out a compromize with the company and thus prevented the release. Or rather, the official release. The material leaked to bootleggers, and before the matter was even settled, there were two different titles containing these songs. Since then there have been at least two or three more titles with all or some of the stuff. So while this new version, Before the Fame, doesn't offer anything new under the sun contents-wise, it can at least brag with being probably the first bootleg with its own web-domain.

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