By Karsten S. Andersen

What's the deal with the E Street Band?

Published 1998-09-23
What happened to the rumors of E Street Band shows in December? Well, assembling the band may not be as easy as Bruce expected. While Bruce probably celebrates his birthday with his family, rumors are swirling about the destiny of the E Street Band. And we must emphasize that what you read here are rumors. None of it may be true. The word is that when Bruce at the Sony convention in July indirectly announced that he would tour with the E Street Band by saying that "people would be happy with his choice of band", he apparently didn't clear this with the band in question (for the clueless: The E Street Band). Now the rumors suggest that one or two of the band members may not be all that interested. Max is most often mentioned in that connection. He has his job on the Conan O'Brian show and seems very contend with that, although other rumors say that he did agree on touring. However, Max may not be the only matter of dispute. Even Clarence has been mentioned, even though he has always appeared to be the most eager member when it came to a reunion so take this rumor with a grain of salt. One can argue that there is no E Street Band without Clarence. While these speculations are going on, it seems more and more likely that Bruce will do some shows in some shape or another in connection with the Box. Rumors are pretty unambiguous on this point, although you never know with the guy. He can always change his mind.

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