By Karsten S. Andersen

Killing time with unofficial box

Published 1998-09-20
Two months is a long time to wait for a new Bruce album. E Street Records is ready to make the wait for Tracks easier. We have earlier reported the release of E Street Records' triple CD set with hitherto uncirculated outtakes and live material. It looks like they will keep their promise and release it before the official box set. And it doesn't look less interesting with the details starting to seep out. Bruce chose not to put the title track of his unreleased 1994 album Waiting for the End of the World on his box, but E Street Records somehow got their hands on it and is planning to include it. Apart from that we will get alternate versions of "Blood Brothers" and "Secret Garden", both from the Greatest Hits sessions. From the Tramps show in February 1995 where Bruce performed live with the E Street Band for the first time in six and a half years, we'll get an extended version of "Murder Incorporated" plus "Little Latin Lupe Lu". There will also be tracks from the Seventies, among others versions of "Born to Run" and "Jungleland" with strings. And from the early Seventies an 18 minute song whose title remains unrevealed. There will be about 40 tracks all in all, and the sound is said to be astonishing.

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