By Karsten S. Andersen

6 CDs after all

Published 1998-08-26
More and more evidence point to the fact that the box set will indeed contain six CDs as was originally planned. Most recently a source inside Sony US has allegedly confirmed that Tracks 1973-1998 will be six CDs. If this is true plans have once again changed in the Bruce's camp. According to the same source 15% of the songs will be material that has never surfaced among bootleggers. At the same time, other rumors are suggesting that the box will contain live tracks. Our guess is that Bruce may not have had time to prepare six CDs worth of studio material if the box was going to be finished in time for the Christmas sale. He then decided to cut it down to four CDs, but then changed his mind again when the idea of using live tracks as fillers arose. Live tracks that may have been leftovers from the Live 1975-'85 set and therefore didn't need much extra work. Speaking against this theory is another rumor which has started to circulate: the box may be delayed until next year. If this is the case - and let's hope it's not - Bruce would have plenty of time to prepare enough studio material for six CDs. Again, we can only wait and see, but so far things are looking good in regard to the number of CDs.

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