By Karsten S. Andersen

Noisy next album

Published 1998-11-03
In the big Billboard interview, Bruce reveals that he feels like making a rock album "Speaking from his New Jersey home base and perhaps giving a, tip of his hand to what's next for him musically, the voluble Springsteen says the upbeat nature of many of the tracks 'made me think it's fun to make some noise again'." So goes the exact quote in Billboard's big interview with Springsteen in their latest issue. For most fans this is probably welcome news. In the beginning of 1997 during his acoustic tour, Bruce spoke of his desire to make another folk-based album. The album was, according to some sources, almost finished and ready to go by the end of 1997, but it was, again according to some sources, vetoed by Sony, although it might as well have been Springsteen himself who decided against it. In any case, it may very well have been this decision, leaving Bruce at scratch, which sparked the Tracks project. In the interview in Billboard he says that an outtakes box was "something that I could do at some point when I get to that place in a new project where I'm not sure how long it's going to take and it would be nice to sort of fill the gap so the fans wouldn't be so long without hearing any music from me." Apparently that place came after the folk album was scrapped. Now with the box finished and in the stores next week, speculations can begin as to what will happen next. Bruce himself has given an indication, and put together with the constant E Street Band rumors 1999 looks very promising. Speaking of the E Street Band, Bruce has the following thing to say about a possible reunion: "Well, I don't know. It's been 10 years, and everybody's living in different places and doing different things. But I love all the guys, and we made music together that was very, very special. It was just a great, great, great time in my life playing with those guys. I know we have young fans who have never seen us, so it's always a subtext of our conversations and it's always there in the air somewhere, but at the moment we don't have any particular plans." As usual on this subject, Bruce is his diplomatic self, so judge for yourself.

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