Barbara Catalano writes: Independence Day is my pick for best Clarence solo. I never ever get tired of the song and the emotion both Bruce and Clarence put into it, moves me every single time. As said, "pure perfection". Just love it. Thank you Clarence and thank you Bruce.
Gary writes: In a guest appearance on E StreetRadio, Clarence said that his solo on " Secret Garden" was done in one take. When I listen to the song, the sax solo really touches my heart.Thanks Clarence!
Klaus writes: Very nice list, thanks.
BTR is rightfully Top 3. When I saw the show in 1993 with the other band it was really only during the sax-solo on BTR that I missed the E Street Band.

I wonder how I'm gonna feel next time I hear Born to Run live.
Glen Graubart writes: What about the sax solos in Janey as well as Dancing in the Dark?

Love the sax in Sherry Darling, and Independence Day.
Michael Scotti writes: Take a look at this Tribute Video... Brings a tear to my eyes...
Patsy writes: "Trapped" is a favorite of mine.

Check it out. It's not written by Bruce, but it is

one awesome song. The Sax is fabulous..
Henrik writes: Thanks for running a great site - been visiting weekly for years. I agree in most of your list, and with no doubt in my heart I would have Jungleland solo as number one.
BUT - it will be a close race....when I heard the sad news about C passing away, I went up took the bootleg of the concert in Stockholm July 3rd 1988. The take is on this same tour when I was at my first ever concert... The solo intro for "All that heaven will allow" is absolutely amazing....breath taking...still so many years later it can touch me...that's how I remember C.
Few months ago I was back at the Stone Pony, and I can still imagine the story of C's first appearance there -
Frankie Viviano writes: I got my wife to fall in love with me with help from the Boss and the Big Man. Thunder Road and Jungleland are pure romance not to she didnt know what hit her! The Big Man it goes without saying will be missed, I even listen to the new Lady Gaga just to hear his sax again!


Can anyone put up the chords to Talk To Me please?!
Jim writes: There wasn't anything that 'C' played on that shiney brass instrument that wasn't the best!!! 'C' put his heart and soul in every performance from the Redbank Rockers all the the way through Lady GaGa....... Thank You for a Lifetime of memories!!! You shall be sorely missed....
Mark Solomon writes: trapped paris 1985
Frank Benjamin writes: Great Website and capture of great music from earlier days. Happy to have found your site. All the best. Frank Benjamin, original trumpet for Southside Johnny & the Jukes 1976, and formerly Lead Sax & Trumpet, Shorty Long & THe Jersey Horns 2011.