Maybe we ain't that young anymore

Published 2019-09-22
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
Bruce, you’re 70? How did this happen? When I first got to know you, you were in your 30’s and I was a teenager. My own 30’s are but a distant memory. And you, you are 70. That means, in a blink of an eye, I too will be 70. I don’t even want to think about where you will be… I mean, you did say you'd live forever, right? On the backstreets until the end. Seriously, there is no denying it, you and I ain’t that young anymore. It’s quite likely.... Read more

Sun, Moon, and Stars: the Celestial Power of Bruce's New Album

Published 2019-07-15
By Karsten S. Andersen
We probably all know the feeling of trying to fall asleep at night, but thoughts keep entering your brain. You know that you will not fall asleep until you manage to think about something else, something better. Of course, the more you try to force your brain to think about something else, the more you won’t. The more those bad thoughts keep filling your head. “If I could just turn off my brain,” as the guy in “Tucson Train” sings…Much of the Western Stars.... Read more

New book delivers generous serving of fan stories

Published 2019-03-02
By Karsten S. Andersen
There is by now no shortage of books where Bruce Springsteen fans share their memories and feelings about their idol. “Bruce Springsteen: Our Reasons to Believe” by Carole Tuszynski from way back in 1986 set the tone and was followed in the 2000’s by Lawrence Kirsch’s “For You” and “The Light in Darkness”. There was even a movie built around the same concept: the officially sanctioned “Springsteen & I” documentary from 2013.So does.... Read more

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