Cruise with Bruce

Published 2010-01-05
By Karsten S. Andersen
Ever dreamed of going on a cruise with Bruce Springsteen? Well, maybe not, and it's not like that scenario is now suddenly possible. But almost. The longest running Bruce cover band, The legendary B Street Band, is celebrating their 30th anniversary by inviting their fans on an anniversary cruise. As a passenger on the cruise you will be treated to exclusive performances with the band, dinner with the band, autographs, and much more. Prices range from $1490 to $1975 per person. The cruise will.... Read more

Top Bruce curve balls

Published 2010-01-03
By Karsten S. Andersen
As we enter a new year that for the first time in a while looks pretty blank when it comes to Bruce activity, let us look at some of the times Bruce has really surprised us and appeared at the most unlikely places or with the most unlikely release, or even with a brand new version of himself. Just to remind ourselves that with Bruce anything could happen at any time.Street performance, Strøget, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 25, 1988Thanks to a resolute guy with a camera (legend has it he.... Read more

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