Greasy Lake Reviews: The Promise - The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story

Published 2010-12-26
By Karsten S. Andersen
Reviewing The Promise box actually makes as much sense as Reader’s Digest reviewing The Holy Grail. In many ways The Promise defies all earthly attempts to describe, label or criticize. It is the Holy Grail for Springsteen fans. Even after its release, going through the list of contents makes you wonder if it was all just a dream. Did we really get a complete 1978 show on DVD? Was there really a camera present during the fabled Darkness sessions? A double album of Darkness outtakes? No.... Read more

Merry Bruce Christmas!

Published 2010-12-24
By Karsten S. Andersen
Christmas is over us and 2010 is running out of time. Greasy Lake would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Festivus, or whatever you're celebrating. If you're among the people who didn't get the Darkness box yet, hopefully it will be under the Christmas tree for you. From a Bruce perspective that box has been the definite highlight of the year and will be hard to surpass for Bruce in 2011. But, if anyone can do it, it would be him. Within the next few days I will.... Read more

Webcast starting to show up

Published 2010-12-15
By Karsten S. Andersen
The live performance from December 7, where Bruce and the E Street Band performed for a very limited number of people at the Casino in Asbury Park, has started to show up online as an official Christmas webcast. We can't tell you what it contains, because so far you can only watch in in the US through something called or if you're in the UK through The Guardian's website. While the webcast is probably bound to show up in other countries before too long, this geographical.... Read more

Bruce does Bruce

Published 2010-11-17
By Karsten S. Andersen
So Bruce was on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night talkshow last night. He was interviewed, performed a couple of songs, yada yada.... Just the usual drill in connection with a new release. Wrong! This time he did something he's never done before. Heck, I don't know if any star of his stature has ever done anything like it. It was weird. It was surreal. It was so unlikely that probably not everybody (myself included) realized what had happened until much later. To cut a long story short, in the.... Read more

Darkness box hits the shelves

Published 2010-11-15
By Karsten S. Andersen
The Promise was kept. At least in Europe, the Darkness boxset and the separate The Promise double album are now available. Americans will have to wait till Tuesday, but after a three-month wait, one more day seems like it might just be possible to overcome for even the most impatient fan. What really sucks are the several cases we've heard of where stores haven't had enough of the blu-ray version in stock - if any at all - or when buyers have found the wrong discs in their boxes. But those.... Read more

Two good men found in Pittsburgh

Published 2010-11-05
By Karsten S. Andersen
It was billed as an anniversary show for the Springsteen-produced American Babylon album, but that was probably just an excuse for the two old friends, Bruce and Joe Grushecky, to get together and rock the house again. Whatever the case, only four songs from the 15-year old album were played, and focus was on songs that that are always highlights when Joe and Bruce are in charge of the entertainment, such as "Murder Incorporated", "Pumping Iron", "Code of.... Read more

T minus two weeks and counting

Published 2010-11-02
By Karsten S. Andersen
It seemed hopelessly far off in the future when the Darkness box was announced back at the end of August. With only two weeks left before the big day, it looks like we may actually make it. We may actually get to hold this perhaps most eagerly awaited Springsteen release ever, in our trembling, sweaty hands. With every new glimpse of what the box contains, expectations have gone up notch after notch. So far the only complaint has concerned how the outtakes album may not be actual outtakes, but.... Read more

And the winner is...

Published 2010-10-24
By Karsten S. Andersen
Two weeks ago we launched a new trivia quiz in order to celebrate our new design, and today, almost 200 entries later, we are happy to announce the winner. And the name is... Brad Elliott We deliberately didn't say "the lucky winner", because the fact is, Brad was the only one to get all the answers right. So he is in truth the "very competent winner" and really deserves the prize. He will soon be the owner of a copy of the book The Light in Darkness, kindly.... Read more

Support cancer fight and win book

Published 2010-10-17
By Karsten S. Andersen
Our friend Lawrence Kirsch has donated a brand new copy of his first much sought-after book For You to a raffle benefitting the Canadian Cancer Society. All you have to do to get a chance to win the book is to make a $10 donation. A $15 donation will give you three chances. That's much less than it would cost you on eBay (you can forget about finding it in stock in regular stores) and you get to support a very worthy cause. Check out Lawrence's own site for more information on how this new.... Read more

Bruce and Grushecky team up again

Published 2010-10-14
By Karsten S. Andersen
In a mini-reprise of 1995's "October Assault" when Bruce played with his friend Joe Grushecky's band for a week, the two old friends will join forces again in November for two shows. The shows will take place on November 4 and 5 at something called Soldiers & SailorsMemorial Hall & Museum in Pittsburgh. They will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Grushecky's American Babylon album which was produced by Bruce, just as Bruce wrote and co-wrote a few songs, played guitar and sang backup, and which.... Read more

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