New Bruce Springsteen album in January

Published 2013-11-25
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
After the usual weeks of rumors and speculations, the new Springsteen album has now been announced on Bruce's official Facebook page, and a detailed entry appears on  The album will be called High Hopes and is slated for released on January 14. It will include 11 songs (although rumors are already indicating there will be a hidden track) that are a mix of cover songs, previously released songs in new versions, and outtakes (probably re-recorded). Most of the songs are done.... Read more

Springsteen & I to hit shelves and iTunes, plus special offer to Australians

Published 2013-10-25
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
 Since the Wrecking Ball Tour was wrapped up more than a month ago, it seems like the whole Bruce world - including, I must admit, this newsblog - has gone into standby mode. We still have those Downunder shows to look forward to in February and March, and there are constant rumors of a new album in early 2014 and rumors of more tour date announcements being imminent. But you don't have to wait for those things to get a little shot of Bruce Juice. On November 1, the Springsteen & I.... Read more

Winner of East Berlin contest found

Published 2013-08-04
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
The winner of a signed copy of "Bruce Springsteen, Rocking the Wall, The Berlin Concert that Changed the World" by Erik Kirschbaum has been chosen in a random draw among the 26 people who got all the questions right in our trivia contest.And the winner is: Michael Bechstein from Germany! Congratulations!The book will be signed by the author and none other than Bruce's manager Jon Landau, who provided valuable information for the research.And to those of you who are wondering, the.... Read more

The summer that I was baptized - 25 years on

Published 2013-07-25
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
Two shows, same city, same venue, 25 years apart. One was my first, the other was my 59th. There have been other shows in between at the same place, but 25 years is a good occasion to pause and look at how it started and where it led.Scene 1: Idrætsparken, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 25, 1988: I’m 19 years old, newly graduated from the Danish equivalent to high school - not sure what to do with my life next - and in my third year as a Springsteen fan. Tonight is going to be my.... Read more

Celebrate 25th Anniversary of East Berlin show and win a book

Published 2013-07-19
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
Twenty-five years ago today, July 19, 1988, Bruce Springsteen went on stage in front of an estimated 300,000 people in East Berlin, East Germany. It was his first show behind the Iron Curtain in the then Soviet dominated Eastern Europe, his first televised show, and last but not least it was the biggest crowd he had ever faced. The show would have a profound effect on not only the thousands of people in attendance, but also on the millions of TV viewers and on the East German society as a.... Read more

Review: Springsteen & I

Published 2013-07-16
By Caryn Rose
The Springsteen community is a proud one. We are proud that we sell each other tickets at face value, we are proud of our charity work, we are proud of our friendships and our connections to each other. It's not like we're some kind of monolithic cult but on the whole, we're a pretty good bunch. So it's not surprising that I went into the Springsteen & I screening somewhat concerned for how my tribe (at least on alternate Tuesdays) was going to look through someone else's eyes. I had.... Read more

A night at the movies - Greasy Lake correspondent mingles with the stars of Springsteen & I

Published 2013-07-16
By April Lindner
When I settled into my seat at Thursday night’s premiere of the new film, Springsteen and I, I had the uncanny feeling I was sitting among the famous.  I overheard a woman seated somewhere behind me identify herself as “Mrs. Philly Elvis,”— wife of the Elvis impersonator Bruce brought onstage during one of his final four shows at Philadelphia’s Spectrum.  A few seconds later, someone else said, “MagikRat is here,” and I wondered “THE.... Read more

Did Springsteen help bring down the Berlin Wall?

Published 2013-06-25
By Erik Kirschbaum
Did Springsteen help bring down the Berlin Wall with a record-breaking concert in East Berlin in 1988 -- almost exactly 25 years ago? That's a question that I've been wrestling with for the last 11 years and it's the topic of a book that I've just finished called "Bruce Springsteen, Rocking the Wall, The Berlin Concert that Changed the World". Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky 300,000 people who crowded into a meadow on July 19, 1988 in Communist East Berlin to see the biggest.... Read more

"Springsteen & I" coming to theaters near you

Published 2013-06-07
By Karsten S. Andersen
No, it's neither Bruce Springsteen himself nor yours truly who will show up in your local movie theater. It's the movie called "Springsteen & I" that was announced a few months ago and that features nothing but Bruce fans talking about their idol and what he's meant to them. Many of the people who participate were recruited through fan communities such as this one, and altogether, "Springsteen & I" is a movie for fans by fans, but with some seriously wonderful.... Read more

Contest winner found!

Published 2013-04-16
By Karsten S. Andersen
Better late than never. We have finally drawn the winner of a copy of "Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock 'n' Roll", and the winner is Tom Messenger! Congratulations to him.Tom correctly answered that Marc Dolan refers to "Working on a Dream" as "god-awful" in the new chapter of his book. Yes, it was a hard question, and you just had to make your best guess. However, most of you did pick "Working on a Dream". After all, of the three options, it is.... Read more

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