What's the deal with the E Street Band?

Published 1998-09-23
By Karsten S. Andersen
What happened to the rumors of E Street Band shows in December? Well, assembling the band may not be as easy as Bruce expected.While Bruce probably celebrates his birthday with his family, rumors are swirling about the destiny of the E Street Band. And we must emphasize that what you read here are rumors. None of it may be true.The word is that when Bruce at the Sony convention in July indirectly announced that he would tour with the E Street Band by saying that "people would be happy with his.... Read more

Killing time with unofficial box

Published 1998-09-20
By Karsten S. Andersen
Two months is a long time to wait for a new Bruce album. E Street Records is ready to make the wait for Tracks easier.We have earlier reported the release of E Street Records' triple CD set with hitherto uncirculated outtakes and live material. It looks like they will keep their promise and release it before the official box set. And it doesn't look less interesting with the details starting to seep out. Bruce chose not to put the title track of his unreleased 1994 album Waiting for the End of.... Read more

The complete songlist revealed

Published 1998-09-15
By Karsten S. Andersen
Finally the tension is relieved. The final track listing of Tracks 1972-98 is here.Even though we're still waiting for the official press released, we can now present thecontents of the upcoming box set:CD1(Hammond Demos 1972)Mary Queen of ArkansasSaint in the CityGrowin UpDoes This Bus Stop(1973-74)Bishop DanceHey Santa AnnaSeaside Bar SongZero And Blind TerryLinda Lrt Me Be the OneThundercrack(Darkness 1977-78)RendezvousGive the Girl A KissThe IcemanBring on the NightSo Young and In.... Read more

Press release postponed

Published 1998-09-12
By Karsten S. Andersen
The official press release that we're all waiting for should have been publiziced on Thursday the 10th, but it was postponed, possibly because "someone" wasn't satisfied with the wording. Instead we can most likely expect it in the upcoming week. Keep an eye on this space.As you may already have read elsewhere, the press release will probably mention a four CD box set of which the first CD will include solely live material, number two, studio recordings from Born to Run to The River, number.... Read more

Announcement next week

Published 1998-09-12
By Karsten S. Andersen
An official announcement of the box set release is expected next week. Contrary to what you've been reading here, it will most likely be four CDs. Sorry for the.... Read more

Stone Pony becomes Vinyl

Published 1998-09-05
By Karsten S. Andersen
The Stone Pony in Asbury Park will reopen at the end of September as a dance club called Vinyl. But first there will be a farewell weekend.The weekend of September 18, 19 and 20 may be the last time you have the chance to visit the Stone Pony under its current, legendary name. On those three days, the newly renovated club will have a three-night closing party after which the name will change to Vinyl and the place will turn into a dance club. The party will feature several live bands such as.... Read more

6 CDs after all

Published 1998-08-26
By Karsten S. Andersen
More and more evidence point to the fact that the box set will indeed contain six CDs as was originally planned.Most recently a source inside Sony US has allegedly confirmed that Tracks 1973-1998 will be six CDs. If this is true plans have once again changed in the Bruce's camp. According to the same source 15% of the songs will be material that has never surfaced among bootleggers. At the same time, other rumors are suggesting that the box will contain live tracks. Our guess is that Bruce may.... Read more

Cover photo revealed

Published 1998-08-19
By Karsten S. Andersen
The shot was taken backstage at the Main Point or the Bottom Line, probably in 1975. At the same time as this has leaked out, word is that Bruce has settled for the title Tracks 1973-1998 as it has been rumored earlier.The release date looks more and more like around November 16 or 17, but this could vary from country to country. In Australia it's scheduled for "the first week of November".E Street Band rumors are continuing to swirl. Several newspapers in the States have reported that Bruce.... Read more

Box to be released November 16

Published 1998-08-17
By Karsten S. Andersen
Badlands reports today that Sony UK has scheduled the box set for release on November 16.There still hasn't been an official announcement of the Box anywhere in the world, and it's unclearwhether the November 16 release is a fact or just a provisional date which can be changed. If the date is true, it looks as if the Box has been pushed as far back as possible if it's still going to be a major Christmas seller as Sony no doubt hopes. This could indicate, as has been suggested by some sources,.... Read more

4 or 6? That's the question

Published 1998-08-16
By Karsten S. Andersen
An anonymous industry source now says that contrary to popular belief, the upcoming Box set will include the originally planned 6 CDs. The same source says that each CD will feature a bonus track of newly recorded material with the E Street Band. At the same time, more song titles are leaking out. We should get among others: "Rendezvous", "The Way", "Zero and Blind Terry", "Brothers Under the Bridges", and "Thundercrack". However, the source also says that there will be some heavy overdubbing.... Read more

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