Concert tours

Concert tours

The major tours, usually in support of new albums, from 1973 and onward. Includes Darkness Tour, Born in the USA Tour, etc.
Early bands

Early bands

Before Bruce Springsteen got a record deal, he formed and disbanded numerous bands, as well as performed solo. Includes Castiles, Steel Mill, etc.
Tributes and benefits

Tributes & benefits

 Like other artists, Bruce is a frequent participant in benefits and celebrations. Includes Christic shows, 9/11 benefits, etc.
Unannounced gigs

Unannounced gigs

 Bruce has a history of joining other bands unexpected and unannounced in everything from bars and streets to stadiums. Includes Stone Pony gigs.
TV, radio & web

TV, radio & web

 List of Bruce's performances that were done specifically for television, radio and web. Includes Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, etc.

Latest eyewitness accounts

lenny writes about 1981-06-04, London
my first ever concert - I was converted!
Mitchell Weiser writes about 2016-09-09, Philadelphia
this was an epic show from 'The Boss '
Mitchell Weiser writes about 1981-07-15, Philadelphia
This was the first time I saw him with my wife. I had to enter a lottery to get these tickets,and I got them. He put on an AMAZING show.since then I have seen him about 35 times more all over the NY ,Pa,N.J. AREA
Scott Jackson writes about 1981-08-12, Gahanna
John Fogerty's Rockin' All Over The World was one of the best songs in the show. He played it great ... and I was unfamiliar with the song and later looked a long time to find out the artist!

Other than that, I think that both Badlands, Hungry Heart, and Sherry Darling got a great response.

The "Detroit Medley" was the start of the encore, with Mitch Ryder coming out and they did what you'd expect: Devil With The Blue Dress and Good Golly Miss Molly.

Twist and Shout was turned into a long piece with the house lights turned on and everyone in the place standing and dancing.

By the way, about an hour of this performance was later released as a bootleg, which I stumbled across years later in a used record store in Memphis. It has excellent sound quality (must have been recorded off of the soundboard. This is NOT an audience tape) and, yes, I play it every now and then.

Great show. One of my first big nights out with a date!
Steve Semeraro writes about 1980-11-28, New York
My first show. I was 18. First performance of For You on the tour was a huge thrill. I loved that song and they played it just like it is on Greetings with the opening guitar chords and all. The second set seemed to go on forever. I kissed my girlfriend for most of Drive All Night.

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