FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. You should consult this FAQ before contacting us with questions as it may be answered here.
  • Q: How can I contact Bruce Springsteen?
    A: We don't know Bruce Springsteen's private address, and even if we did, we probably wouldn't give it to you. But you can try to contact him through. his publisher:

    Shore Fire Media
    32 Court Street, Suite 1600
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    Telephone: 718.522.7171
    Fax: 718.522.7242
    Email: info@shorefire.com

  • Q: When will Bruce play in X town/city/country/continent?
    A: If you can't find any information about this on our news page or concert section, it's probably because Bruce has no plans of playing in your town, or at least none that we know about.

  • Q: Why are you called Greasy Lake?
    A: Bruce mentions Greasy Lake in his song "Spirit in the Night" on Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. In the song the place sounds like a really cool place to hang out, which this site is also supposed to be.

  • Q: Is there a real Greasy Lake and if so where is it?
    A: There is no real lake that we know of with the official name Greasy Lake, but several lakes in New Jersey have been mentioned as the inspiration for the song "Spirit in the Night". You can read about one of these lakes in David Miera's Greasy Lake Chronicles Vol III. The question is a matter of much dispute to locals. We don't know the right answer if there is one. To us Greasy Lake doesn't have to be a real place. It's enough that it exists in our hearts and minds.

  • Q: Do you have anything to do with the short story Greasy Lake by T. C. Boyle
    A: Both the short story and the website were inspired by the song "Spirit in the Night", but other than that we are not associated in any way, but it's a great short story.

  • Q: How can I help?
    A: Greasy Lake depends on voluntary donations to pay for server hosting and traffic fees. Please check our donation page for more information. If you are interested in helping maintain the site, please use the contact form and tell us about yourself and what your qualifictations are.