2014-02-26, Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia

High Hopes Tour
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The only second complete album performance of The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. Bruce has hired a local string section for the occasion. Eddie Vedder guests during "Highway to Hell".

Eyewitness accounts

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Geoff wrote: Fantastic, epic 3hr40min show to end the Aussie tour. Started off with a song from the local Gibb boys complete with funky wah-wah guitar from Morello (or maybe it was Nils). Then tore into the killer sequence of Saint/82nd St/Growin'/Spirit. Everyone having fun and loose, in a great mood after a day at the beach. After a few crowd songs Bruce conducts an audience poll as to whether we will go with more signs or stick to the plan, which is a start-to-finish Wild, Innocent, E Street Shuffle. Huge crowd response ensures it is the latter. I am in raptures, with Kitty on top of my hope-they-play list (along with Thundercrack, which was a long shot I guess). I'm wondering how this can get any better as the last moments of NYC Serenade are fading away (He's singing ...singing ....) The 8 ladies in long black dresses forming the string section deserve a mention, looking beautiful and soaring over the vocals.

From this high point (for me) it is back to more fun and audience participation. Steve (who was so missed on the 2013 Aussie tour) and Bruce doing slapstick and pulling faces on Darlington and Glory Days. It was 11pm (the scheduled finish time) before BTR kicked in, with the house lights and PA volume on full bikkie. But the night was far from over. A yell and a wave to the Prof and we were into Bobby Jean. With everyone exhausted, 3 more full on band songs followed, until finally at 11.45, Bruce played a simple finale, Thunder Road on acoustic.

Overall, my 5th BS&tESB over 29 years was a wonderful experience. AND Bruce says he will be BACK AGAIN

Other random notes:

Again the trend from this tour of doing songs by local bands continued. Actually, it started last year in Brisbane on the first show of the tour with the first ever "Just Like Fire Would".

Tom Joad has turned into a mini guitar epic of its own since Tom Morello was roped in last year (Miami Steve was in Norway doing Lillehammer). Unfortunately, we missed out on Nils' feature spot on "Youngstown".

It seemed to really be a 50:50 proposition that Bruce would stick to the Wild/Innocent plan. He seemed to be having too much fun with crowd songs and realised the show was going to be VERY long if he stuck to plan. Perhaps the string section waiting in the wings was the clincher. How sad it would have been for them to miss out. Never mind, the end result was stunning.


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