1970-08-14, 7th And Marshall Street Parking Deck, Richmond, VA

Steel Mill
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Eric Wiener wrote: I was too young to see the show, but years laterI bought a poster for the show at a yard sale for two bucks. It's in great shape. I'm so glad to learn about the show itself. Sounds fabulous.

Shirley Cox Schroeder wrote: I was there. And it was magnificent! The night was hot and the concert was at the very top of the parking deck. What I truly remember (it was a tad foggy) was that when the band did "Resurrection" they had everyone on their feet. Especially during the part, "Hail, Hail Resurrection". I thought for sure the top of the parking deck was going to cave in with everyone on their feet during the chorus swaying, dancing, and jumping up and down.
It was a night I will never forget. And during Steel Mill's stints in Richmond (I caught all), I feel almost priviledged to have experienced them!


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