1985-09-23, Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO

Born in the USA Tour
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Lorik wrote: I went to my 3rd show with 3 women who had never seen Springsteen live. We traveled from Wyoming and stayed at a cheap motel near the stadium. We were interviewed in the parking lot before the show by a local newspaper reporter but never knew if our comments were published or not. I was 2 months pregnant with my second child and remembered thinking it would be that child's first Springsteen show. Our seats were on the right upper side of the stadium. I could walk across empty seats to get closer to the stage.
I remember having a meltdown during "I'm on Fire".
It had been nearly 9 years since I had seen him live in college in PA at Penn State and I was in heaven the whole concert. My baby was born a daughter and I will be going to see Springsteen this month in Denver with her - her first live show (that she will remember) and my 5th show. She will be wearing the tshirt from the Born in the USA tour that I bought at that concert all those years ago. Can't wait to share Springsteen live with her!


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