1985-07-07, Roundhay Park, Leeds, England

Born in the USA Tour
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Duncan wrote: Beautiful summer's day, not long out of college, with some mates from those days. All of us just 21 years old. Best of times, best of concerts. Bruce rocked us hard for hours. Bare breasted woman on her boyfriends shoulders. Young guys draped in the stars and stripes. Chilling on the grass at the interval. Steve Van Zandt somersaulting. All over 20 years ago! Where did the time go? Bruce was 36 then.

Steve Pownall wrote: My second Bruce concert; went with my brother. It was a hot sunny day; can remember the hells angels taking beer off everyone when going in and piling it all up near the entrances (whatever happened to all that beer?)

Great gig does anyone remember the giant cowboy hats the band wore for Cadilac Ranch?

Dave W wrote: Bruce came to 'my hometown' for the one and only time. Beautiful day,down on the 'dancefloor',30 yards from the stage. Went with a dozen good friends. Seen the band several times but this was amazing! One of the best days of my life.

Trevor Jesson wrote: I was at this show with my sister.
It was a lovely sunny day and my first ever concert. I have been to many since but none better.
Bruce rocked over 80,000 fans. it was awesome. So good and hot my sister fainted. I have seen bruce several times since in England but will allways remember Rounday park.

Paul Whitby wrote: The sun was beaming - the place was rocking - Cover me on those big sceens blow them away. Clarence suit changes and all was at his best, for me having seen Bruces early concerts here (Hammersmith) this was bruce at his most commercial but hey still rocked.

4.5 hrs long and thousands of fansdancing!! even those hell angels didn't spoil the day

"me & crazy janey were making love in the dirt singing our birthday song"

Gillian Smellie wrote: I was right at the front (with the bruises to prove it!) and he leaned over and took the hand of the girl next to me for Dancing in the Dark. If I could have killed her I would have :)

keith jones wrote: stayed in chapel town, the night before forget the name of the b and b,but the place was run by a mad man called George,,he took us to is local The Hay fields pub,after the concert all our stuff was on the front yard,,spent the night in Leeds train station,,Never forget it,

Steve D wrote: Heck where's the time gone....£15 was a lot of dosh in those days (some peeps paid twice as much), that's my excuse for a freebie...I saw someone run past a group of hells angels and their dogs at the entrance..so I took my chance a few minutes later and did a runner...straight in no probs...sat near the front....Bruce and the band didn't let up for several hours..fantastic.I had to leave 'bout 7ish..three hours in and early for the missus (What was I thinking of?!?) But I could hear them playing LOUD over a mile away. A great day out!!

Michael McGinn wrote: 4 of us went to the Rounday Park gig - hot day - 2o yds from stage - just totally excellent.
have seen Bruce around 20 times since.
Will be at the Leeds Arena gig on the 24 July to pay homage once again.

john sanford. wrote: We traveled to round hay park from Yeovil in Somerset to see Bruce. See him six times. Since. Will never forget round hay Or the boss and his band

john sanford. wrote: We traveled to round hay park from Yeovil in Somerset to see Bruce. See him six times. Since. Will never forget round hay Or the boss and his band

andrew whaley wrote: First time to see the greatest live act in music history
Since then seen the boys ( and girl ) in manchester
Paris and brisbane to name a few places over the last
30 years since roundhay park, still as good in 2015 as
In 1985.


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