1985-07-04, Wembley Stadium, London, England

Born in the USA Tour
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dreamon47 wrote: His commercial peak and the gig of my life. I've been looking for that same hit again and it's never quite happened. My best pal, my sister and me sat outside a few hours before the gates even opened and when they did we found ourselves as far from the stage as it was possible to be. But hold up the Gods are smiling and it seams even though we've got to dash the length of the pitch we're somehow just feet from the stage. Did they really open the rear gates minutes before the rest. Then it's three hours standing in the sun before the show even starts.
And when it starts...the sound is amazing down front when BIUSA hits its stride its like an aircraft is flying overhead. The band lining up for cadelac ranch, Bruce goofing the works.
I've never been that close again and these days just wouldn't have the energy to stand the six hours before show time that's required. But we were in our early twenties and we can say we were close enough to feel the sweat and me and my best pal who don't see each other as much as we like still get together every couple of years in a field or arena and say boy we're still at it it's too late to quit now.
Just as a foot note, on the live box set on the inner sleeve with bruce with his back to the crowd you can see my pal down the front.

mark lancaster wrote: Only missed 1 show on this tour, due to a stag party ,great weather on 4 July and a lovely independence day. Seeds was awsome. Had to hotfoot it to l newcastle for stag do then bomb down to Leeds for round hay park show. A classic summer.

Martin J. Brewer wrote: Getting the opportunity to attend a Bruce concert on the 4th July is a rare treat indeed. I was teacher training at Felpham Comprehensive in W. Sussex at the time and called in sick so that I could attend this and the previous night's show. It was a gloriously warm evening and Bruce was at his zenith in terms of world-wide popularity. He was a major singles artist at this time and so a new breed of fan was in attendance - the fairweather fan sad to say. Bruce had started every concert on this tour with "Born In The USA" but on this occasion he opened with a beautiful acoustic version of "Independence Day." Not many artists could hush 80,000 fans with such a sensitive opening number. This brought the ferocity of "USA" into greater contrast and the rest of the concert was relentless in its frenzied attack. I can recall Bruce and Nils donning huge cowboy hats for "Cadillac Ranch" and Steve Van Zandt was a guest at the show, foreshadowing his return to the band by about 14 years. Nils was a great foil for Bruce and I rather miss the fact that he tends to be relegated to the sides these days. "Trapped" was a highlight with thousands of people punching the air and I loved his soulful version of "Can't Help Falling In Love" which he dedicated to the King of rock and roll himself.
In my opinion Bruce has never bettered the final 1-2-3 punch of "Ramrod", "Twist and Shout" and "Do You Love Me". I can recall completely losing my voice at the concert and explaining to my school that I'd had a nasty cold! I had planned to see all 3 Wembley shows but I (reluctantly) missed the Saturday gig to attend Andy Foster's wedding - cheers Andy!

Antony Holman wrote: This was the first concert I'd ever been to , and still the best. An incredible show which converted me from someone who liked a few of his songs but didn't really know that much of his older stuff. Since that day I've managed to get his entire back catalogue and everything he's released since. I've seen some brilliant stars from Bryan Adams to Bon Jovi, Green Day to Aerosmith and asgood asthey were , still not a patch on The Boss


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