1972-11-11, College Gymnasium, York College of Pennsylvania, York, PA

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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Albee Tellone wrote: This was my first gig as roadie for them. By "them" I mean Bruce and the the band with no name, or the Pre-Street Band as I like to call them. Bare bones stage. Bruce played guitar and piano. Danny played organ, Garry on bass and of course Clarence and Vini doing their thing. There was nothing special about it. Bruce wasn't limited to any specific length for the show. He probably played close to an hour and a half. Crazy Horse was uninspired. I think it was during the time those guys were doing a lot of heroin. We didn't even have an equipment truck. We got a friend of Danny's named Jack Piano (real name) to drive his van with me and Danny to and from the gig with the equipment. The van broke down half way home but luckily Jack was able to fix it. We got home around sunrise.

John Duffy wrote: The venue was Geise Gymnasium. I did a story on this concert not long ago. An eyewitness who is still employed by the college recalls it being a stellar show. Bruce seemed rushed and nervous at first, but won a lot of poeple over. He had going for him the fact that traditionally (and even right up until today) there was a sizeable population of students from New Jersey at many Pennsylvania colleges. Others had vacationed on the Shore and had seen Bruce before. There was great advance buzz about the show among students. Bruce indeed outplayed Carzy Horse. He and Mike approached the photographer from the college paper about getting copies of the images he shot for possible future use. Sadly, the shooter says the negatives are gone. I'm still trying to track down a copy of the paper's review of the show.


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