1984-10-31, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

Born in the USA Tour
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Chris Moretti wrote: What a great show! I had been in the Marine Corps for two yrs at the time and a friend of mine had got tickets for me and my future wife, and him and another Marine. They raced won to Camp Pendleton to pick me up and we barely made it in time for the show. It was me and Pete Petruzela ( both Marines from New Jersey), and my wife Mary and Jimmy Wells. We got to the Coliseum a little late, and when we handed the attendant our tickets, he said that the tickets were no good! Icouldn't believe it! Pete had waited in line for hours for those tickets. The attendant asked us if we knew who was playing tonite, and we said hell yeah, the boss. He said no, this is the Rod Stewart concert, Bruce is at the Sports Arena! We booked outta there and made it to the concert just in time. What a night! I've been in the Corps now for 23 yrs and me and my beautiful wife, Mary, are still avid Springsteen fans. Headed back to Jersey in June before I deploy in July. Haven't been toa Bruce concert since, but would love to make it to one before I leave.


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