1984-09-07, Civic Center, Hartford, CT

Born in the USA Tour
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noel wrote: My first Bruce show. Been wanting to see him since 1981 when I got shut out of the Rosemont Horizon Box office. All I had was a 5 second glimpse of him on a Rock and Roll TV Special where he say the last few lines of Quater to 3. Called and Called and got one of the last few seats being sold, second row from top in 300 section behind the stage. It didn't matter. I was never so excited in my life to finally see the man and the band I had been playing almost exclusively in my walkman since about 1980. I had a few boots, so I knew a little of what to expect. Bruce did not disappoint, opening with Born in the USA in that defiant, almost sceaming style of his. They didn't have video monitors in Hartford back then, had to glimpse him through the light rigging from way up on high behind the stage. But I had a great view of the first few rows. And saw what Bruce did, an mesmerized crowd. I remember this little girl (maybe about 12) in the first row who sat most of the night with a program opened up in front of her, enthralled, hypnotized -- she had met her Elvis I think.

Every song was more exciting for me than the one before. I got lost in the music, time and space seemed to collapse and then we hit Born to Run and I felt one with the crowd. Highlights for me were Pink Cadillac (without story, Rave On for Buddy Holly, and the whole encore -- lights on and everybody dancing to the D-Medly and the salsa infused Twist and Shout. Who do ya love Bruce sang -- we love you Bruce and we love watchin' ya dance.


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