1984-07-27, Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

Born in the USA Tour
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eric m wrote: Can't really add too much more to these reviews except to say we were there also and that's exactly how it happened with the soundcheck and the rain stopping.I couldn't believe it.The other thing I remember was there wasn't anyone in the reserved seats yet as it was only a little after 6pm,it was a nice treat for all the people with lawn seats who waited all day in the rain to get in.I've often wondered if the people who came later with reserved seats ever knew what they missed.

Dave R wrote: I was also at that unbelievable show at SPAC and can attest to it happening just as described. And after seeing Bruce and the Band last night at the Times Union Center in Albany, including a back to back of Sandy into E Street Shuffle, I can say that 23 years later the music still transcends us. What a great show last night and a great memory from 1984.

haj3 wrote: This show was my first Bruce concert, and although I won't be able to produce a song by song review 21 years after the fact, I can share some of my memories . . .

"SPAC" is an outdoor venue with some covered seating near the stage and a large, wide open lawn area spreading out behind the seating area. It was a pretty lousy day weather wise, and I remember grabbing some big black garbage bags as we headed out for the show. We figured we could use them as raincoats if we needed them, since we were going to be "out on the lawn". I had been a fan for about 5 years at that point and I was just ecstatic that I was finally going to see my hero live (I had been really bummed out that I never did get a ticket to a River Tour show!). As we drove from Albany to the show it was raining on and off, but I wasn't going to let the weather get me down. My biggest fear was that the show would be postponed. The friend I was with assured me that barring a major lightning storm the show would go on. Sure enough, as we were walking in from our car the heavens opened up. No problem - we popped on our garbage bags and forged on. We made it through the ticket takers and it was still early so we were casually making our way out onto the lawn. All of a sudden, "BAWMP, BAWMP, BAWMP" three chords and Bruce says something like "We're just gonna do a little warm-up number" I have no idea what he actually said, but everyone walking in was suddenly running in. So it's pouring now, and the first thing I ever hear Bruce sing live is "Long as I remember, the rain's been coming down . . ." I was just blown away, as my Dad had always been a CCR fan, and I grew up hearing them around the house. I was a Bruce Show virgin, so I had no idea he did covers such as this. Anyway, half way through the song the rain starts to let up, and I kid you not, the clouds started rolling back and shafts of sunlight are breaking through to the ground. I turned to my friend and shouted, "Can you frigging BELIEVE THIS !? . . . HE is GOD!" I still get goose bumps thinking back on it. The excitement of my first show, the rain, the unexpected sound check, and Bruce clears the heavens. It was unreal. I don't believe it rained at all for the rest of the show. Did they know there was about to be a break in the storm? I don't know, and it doesn't really matter. It was an unforgettable moment in my life, and I can't even imagine a cooler initiation into the "Live Bruce Club"!

The show was fantastic. Some other memories and highlights . . .
I remember seeing someone with a big "Michael Jackson Sucks" sign and thinkin' "yeah, he sure as hell ain't the Boss!" . . .
Every song in the setlist was a first for me, so every single one of them was special. . .
Hearing Bruce wail on the harmonica for the first time (and every time since) was just incredible . . .
I wasn't, and I'm still not a big Stones fan, but hearing Bruce do Street Fighting Man was quite cool. . . .
Detroit Medley to close the show was also surreal for me - just left me like - wow . . .
It was a long, rocking show (like they aren't all - right?) that left me with a huge, sh*t-eating grin on my face. I knew that day that seeing Bruce live would be a lifelong passion of mine.

20+ years later, I have yet to find any other entertainment experience that even comes close. It just doesn't get any better . . .

Thanks for reading!

Eric wrote: I just wanted to back up the other reviewer's version of events, about how it was raining all day until Bruce came out for the sound check, sang "Who'll Stop the Rain?" and then the rain just stopped. Every time I tell people this story, they think I'm embellishing, but it really happened that way. There was a real sense of connection among the fans as we waited to get to our muddy spots on the lawn. People were sharing beers (because you couldn't bring them in), playing "name that Springsteen song" by singing a couple lines, and just reveling in the not-so-soft summer rain. Then there was the show itself... which remains one of the single most powerful performances I've every witnessed. This was my first time seeing Bruce live, and the concert was a powerful, joyous, moving, emotional capstone of my teenage years.

Joe wrote: Who’ll stop the rain, in the sound check, worked. First Northeast show of the USA tour. Amazing show.


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