1981-07-03, Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

The River Tour
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pete wrote: this was the first of two shows i saw at this stand of concerts. the arena was brand new and bruce was the first event there. I asked some people before the show if he played "summertime blues" the night before. he played it that night and it felt like i willed it to happen. I snuck in a recordable walkman
to make a rough bootleg of the show. when i went into the bathroom to take it out I heard noises above me. the bathroom had a drop ceiling and 3 or 4 guys spent 24 hours in the rafters in the ceiling to sneak into the second show. I thought it was genius.

RosalitaNYC wrote: I remember going to the all night post office in NYC to send in my ticket orders for these concerts. At midnight the place was mobbed and they had made a special section for Springsteen tickets. I got tickets for this night and July 5th. At the concert all these guys were asking me if I was from Jersey and that night I wished I was.

Jim Murphy wrote: My first (and sadly - only) Bruce show but an unforgettable one - It was the second night the Byrne Arena (now the Continental or whatever arena) was ever open. Gary US Bonds performed with the Boss and the show was truly magical - the intensity, the energy, the screaming, and the shear noise. . . . you know the story... As a rising high-school junior, I was hooked and still am - thanks to the Boss - especially for a rendering of Point Blank that till this day still raises a chill in my spine when I think about. Perhaps the last tour before the "excesses" of the mid-80s but still (perhaps) a bit too refined for those lucky enough to see him in the early S-P days.


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