1981-05-16, Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland

The River Tour
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40063 wrote: I was there! Sneaked in though an open door at the back of the theatre about The ties than Bnd and didn't look back. Top man in a fab old theater. Off to Hampden (the real theater of dreams) shortly. Highlight was Point Blank. Stunning.

Billzab wrote: First time I ever saw The Boss. I only got the tickets by chance earlier that day. I was walking past the Playhouse when I saw his name above the doors. I went straight in and asked for tickets. They had 2 left and grabbed them like a shot. Called my brother in law to tell him and we both went along later. Fantastic gig. He played for around 3 and a half hours and almost ripped the roof of the old place. Every time I go back to the Playhouse, I think of that night. Great memories.

Jules27 wrote: Was working at Playhouse as an usher. Saw the boss twice and was blown away. Never looked back. Looking forward to going back down to the River at Hampden and Manchester !!!!

Kenny W wrote: I saw a ticket advertised for sale at the university Union for 5 Pounds, I was determined to get it so I jumped on the bike, cycled across town and offer 25 Pounds, he nearly bit my hand off. I then had the problem to explaining to my then girlfriend that I only had one ticket! The concert was everything I had read or heard about a Spingsteen event and still stays with me as the best concert ever, the intimacy, a fanatical crowd and the Boss at his awesome best. I now have two boys who first saw the Boss at a festival in France along with the Killers, they have also seen him at Hampden and watching them dance the night away just shows his music crosses all ages.


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