1981-03-02, Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA

The River Tour
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Jersey Mitch wrote: The greatest of over 150 shows I have seen. I was working for DC101 back then and reported live from the show. This was the first show that Bruce sang This Land is Your Land. Years later when I met Bruce at a Kristin Ann Carr Fundraiser at the Toy Building in NYC (2001) I talked to Bruce about that show. He said to me "You guys are nuts- I can't believe how many people remember that one show"
Trust me- Next to the birth of my kids,my wedding, my son's bar mitzvah and the 86 Mets it was the best night of my life.

Gruffgordon wrote: This was not the first show, in which he played "This Land Is Your Land". That would be 12/29/80 - Nassau Coliseum.


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