1980-12-29, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

The River Tour
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RALPH from Jersey wrote: Night, like Brian says ROCKED!! What a classic beginning to most of Bruce's shows in the 70's and early 80's -always NIGHT as the opener! Wow.

But, how can you overlook INCIDENT into ROSIE? I would call that the natural. In concert today, when Bruce (rarely) plays INCIDENT, we always expect Rosie, but never happens. This night it did.

This was the second of three nights before the New Year's Eve show - and we were feeling the three hours of sleep from the prior night. How does Bruce do it? Great show - the Long Islanders were very friendly to the Jersey crowd - afterall, they should. We gave them Bruce. Forever friends!!

Spanish Johnny wrote: This was the 2nd Bruce show ever - it blew me away... I have seen 50 since. There have only been a few to compare...

Brian Leonard wrote: After having been a fan for six years, this was the first Bruce show I was able to attend--and while I was not totally blown away (that would have to wait for 1984), I was not really disappointed, either. My clearest memory is of the very start of the show--the band blazing away with "Night". Everything else just blends into a seemingly never-ending experience of "I can't believe I'm hearing/seeing this LIVE!!!". It left me wanting more, and so far that's meant 22 other shows over the past 25 years...

jerseycg wrote: Actually, I cannot remember if it was this night or the previous night. I had an Excellent seat! Classic Bruce show.

Stephanie Garrett wrote: Looking for video of this concert. I was the girl who jumped on the stage with Bruce during The Detroit Medley & he said:
"Stop the show, I've just been attacked".
Anyone? Please?

Scooter wrote: This was my first Bruce show, 40 years ago today. Not bad for a first!

Robo wrote: This was my first Bruce concert! 15 years old and my mom took me...lol...although she still likes Bruce today:).

Stephanie...I hope you can find a video...let us know if you find one!!


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