1980-12-02, War Memorial, Rochester, NY

The River Tour
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The Stork wrote: This was my first show, first year in college, I convinved 3 other fiends to go with me that night. WOW, I have not missed a tour since, 25 years and counting. ALthough I do remember him singing Santa Clause that night, it was a blizzard, we had to drive 2 hrs home in a pinto!! All I can say was that the energy he had that night will never be matched. That night was something I will never forget. I have bad photos of him and the Big Man swaying, bad but still great.

tim o'brien wrote: I was there. It was during of one of the worst blizzards on record. Bruce injured his back a few days before the concert and they weren't sure if he'd play. In spite of it all, it was without question the greatest live entertainment event of my life. I get chills thinking about it even today.


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