1980-11-09, Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX

The River Tour
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JIMMYZ wrote: Turned on a good friend of mine who actually was quite gifted in the guitar and vocals. Lots of CSN and Jackson Browne stuff. Anyway, he and I went with some other friends and the guy was nuts the entire time. We were in college back then, and as typically happens, our friendship drifted. At least until the Rising Tour, where he called out of the blue to see if we could go together to see Bruce in Dallas. I was traveling and could not go, but I am sure he went. Never heard from him again, but I am sure he will call when the East Street tour next. Don't forget to call me Mike H... Anyway, my wife and I went to see him in Austin, which was actually delayed because of CC's eye injury. Finally he came to Austin only to open with WAR... George W must have felt the sting all the way back in DC... Bruce Rules..


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