1978-12-09, Convention Center, Dallas, TX

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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JIMMYZ wrote: This was his second show in Dallas, and by now, Darkness had taken off. Sold out the Convention Center that a few months back he could barely fill 1/5 of the place. I never saw the concert tours before Darkness, but this show reflects the greatness of this tour. There is a bootleg of the Winterlands in SF that happened within a few weeks of this show, and it should give a good sample of what this show was about. My only problem with this show was my premature exit. The paper the next day talked about the greatest concert that ended well past midnight with Detroit Medley and 1/4 to 3. Unfortunately, I never witnessed this, as I was too busy in the backseat of my car with my date. Bruce would have been proud, but still I think I may have made a small mistake, since I married her and now can go to the backseat anytime I want. Bruce rules...


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