1978-12-08, The Summit, Houston, TX

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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C. Hill wrote: I don't really remember too many details of this show, because quite frankly, it wasn't that memorable. Oh, sure, Bruce is always good, even when he's not "on", but that wasn't the problem with this concert. The problem was the venue, and to a certain extent, the mediocre music he was making at that time. Sorry, but Bruce's magic just doesn't happen for me in a big hall with 20 thousand or so people in attendance. I do remember that he was wearing a gray suit (no tie), and from where I sat, he looked like the proverbial raisin on a marshmallow. The sound was atrocious; muffled and indistinct in the cavernous space of The Summit. Had this been the first time I saw Bruce, I might have been impressed, but I had seen him 4 years earlier on his first trip to Houston with the original E Street Band, where he played to a packed house in the small, cozy confines of Liberty Hall (see my review of that 3/10/74 show). Based on that earlier show, I suppose I was expecting too much, because there was simply no comparison; the difference between night and day, so to speak. I'm sorry to have to admit it, but this show at The Summit, and the mediocre music he began churning out starting with Thunder Road, kinda soured me on Bruce for a long time. I think it was around the time he released Nebraska that I began to take him seriously again. In any case, I haven't seen Bruce live since this show at The Summit in 1978, and don't intend to unless I get the opportunity to see him in another small venue with a more intimate setting.

John Hocking wrote: I hope you're wrong, C., this show was announced today as the one complete show that's going to be in the Darkness Boxed set that is scheduled for release....November 11? as I recall.

For that reason, other comments about this show would be especially welcome. Did it sell out? How enthusiastic was the audience? How about the songs that he gave exception treatment to as most Darkness shows? Prove It, Because the Night, Not Fade Away/She's the One, and, of course, Backstreets with the Drive All night/Sad Eyes/You lied interlude. I'm sure there were no bad Darkness shows, but would love to hear some more comments from people who were there. Hey, I was at both Atlanta Fax shows, and Winterland, and have commented extensively. How about some reciprocation?

Thanks, John, Athens, GA

ept wrote: the biggest regret i have was not going to the liberty hall shows. $5 only. i have heard recordings of those shows and yes i wish i had heard bruce in small venues.

in saying that let me say that the 12/8/78 show was the greatest bruce and the band show i have ever attended. the electricity that night was unbeliveable. the prove it all night version is the longest of that tour. the fever which he was not playing earlier in the tour. the version of she's the one is great. i do not know if it was the time of the year or the weather outside (very cold) but it was "hot" inside. i remember it being a very long show.

i have seen him in large city environmnents and medium city environments and nothing has compared to the audiance that night


j hagan wrote: can not disagree with c. hill more. i think this show is a CLASSIC darkness show .the opening guitar on BTN mite be the best of the tour.the sound is great on the "bootleg" concert also.i would consider this a perfect representation of how good a bruce sho can be.

Sharon D. wrote: I was 21 in 1978 and was traveling around the country by myself in my '70'impala, I ended up in Houston at my brothers place when, the chevy broke down. I remember driving around looking for a mechanic when I heard on the radio that Bruce was playing in Houston! I think I stopped at the first Sears store I found to buy tickets.(instead of fixing the car!) Not having anyone to take me my Brother told one of his workers to take me to the concert.I remember this guy bought me a beer at a drive through liguor store. I remember the concert as being crazy good. I had just seen him a few months earlier in Boston and it was as good if not better. At least 4 hours, Great set list and If I remember Bruce and Clarence coming off the stage a few times... ahhh what a time... Never did get the old chevy fixed!! It was worth it!!

rob curtis wrote: first time to see him. to this day and seen many, many concerts. this is still best show I have ever seen.


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