1978-12-03, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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John wrote: It was my 2nd year at SIU when my roomate got 11th row tickets to Springsteen. I knew nothing of him at the time. I didn't want to go so my roomate told me "If this isn't the best rock show you have ever seen , the tickets on me." Well how could I loose. Needless to say, I payed for the ticket. 27 years later this show remains as the greatest show of any type I have ever seen. Pure magic on how he controlled the crowd. During Spirts in the Night he jumped off stage and stood on a chair 3 rows in front of me singing. Two girls in that row couldn't keep there hands out of his pants. With one hand he held the mike and with the other he fought off the girls. What a life!

I still have the school paper review of this show in my scrap book. I just read his play list on this web page and I was suprised to see so much off of the River. Several timess in the show I could feel goose bumps all over. I remember saying to myself several times "wow". Needless to say this was the day I found my musical hero. To this day he's one of the only musical hero's who hasn't let me down.


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