1978-11-02, Capital Centre, Landover, MD

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Sneakin' Sally wrote: Introduction to "You Talkin' To Me? Don't Chat During the Show.
Dancing Barefoot in Circles Energized After the SHow
Rhinestone Star Shines On Capital Center Media Cam
Impressive Memory: Not Fade Away into She's The One
Mirror Elia's Sentiment ALways will Remember Officially My First BS Concert.
Clues Leading to Prove It All Night: Cherry Top We'll Look Back On This & It Will All Seem Funny Rises Bold & Stark

Danny wrote: My friend Phil went to Georgetown and we camped out at Cap Center and were #1 in the row for these tickets.

We got seat 1a and 1b first row at aisle!

what a nite.

Since it was near Halloween I wore the silly black glasses with big nose (groucho marx style) and bruce signalled to throw them up on stage and put them on!

I just realized that this show was on Nov 2 and so it happened that 22 years later my son (one and only) Max was born. He loves bruce and we both play him on piano all the time thanks to the CHORDS project!

peac. Danny

Elia wrote: 1978 seemed to be the year that Bruce completed his move out of theatres and college gyms to big indoor arenas, for the most part. I saw the band on their second swing through D.C. on the Darkness tour.

Straight up rock and roll stage, with the big black curtain drawn across the back of the house. Bruce playing lots of long guitar leads -- this sounded like his guitar hero tour. Let's put it this way: the next time I saw him was in the same place on the River tour. the stage was carpeted and the amps largely hidden. No black curtain -- they sold the seats behind the stage, and Bruce played short leads and fills.

So that 1978 show stands up, my first, my personal best, like a first love. What can I say? I was totally blown away.

jerseycg wrote: My first Bruce concert. We did not have good seats but had no problem hearing. The show was loud and rocked hard.


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