1978-09-13, Civic Center, Springfield, MA

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Dave L wrote: This was my first Bruce and the E Street band experience.My buddy and I had gotten tickets the day they went on sale on our lunch break.
We got 16 front row seat tickets.We had to wait three months because the original date of Mid may had been cancelled and rescheduled.
It was definitely worth the wait.
Myself and 15 other buddies walked to our front row seats at about 5 minutes before showtime like we were the mayors of the city.
From the thunderous opening of Badlands to the rip roarin and rockin Quarter to Three we were all witnessing something special something cool,something amazing and we were totally blown away.
Bruce was at times three feet in front of us on a stepdown stage whaling on his guitar at one time and then standing back to back with Clarence who was delivering his own magic on the saxaphone.Bruce was lying on his back on the piano during one tune and someone behind us threw a rose up at him and it landed right on his chest. He picked it up, looked at it and smiled surprisingly then jumped off the piano with it and threw it back into the crowd and continued to rock the house.
I have seen Bruce and the ESB 10 times.They have all been special and wonderful in their own way.
But there is nothing like your first time seeing this great musician and his great band.
Thanks for the wonderful memories.
Look forward to seeing you all again.

Bruce O'Keefe wrote: This was my first Springsteen show. He sold me for Life. It was the greatest show on Earth. This show was built up as the concert of the year by WAAF. The show was originally scheduled for May 8th, In fact that is the date on my ticket stub. It was crossed out with a marker. The problem was that Darkness was not finshed yet. I waited all summer for this show. It was worth the wait. I have seen Bruce over 15 times in 6 different states. This show however will be remembered as one of his greatest.

Jack D wrote: Happened to be with Dave L in the front row with our wild group Dave summed it up.Incredable !


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