1978-09-10, Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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John (Hou57) Kush wrote: It seemed longer than 17 songs because it was! This is one of the infamous shows where no recording exists. I was there, 2nd level, to the right of the stage, and have a few photos I took that night in a box somewhere. After missing a show at Purdue U. in Feb '77 (for a summer job interview!?!), I was determined not to ever miss a show again in whatever city I was located and I haven't.

Back to this show. There are obviously songs missing from the above setlist. Shows were ranging around 21-25 songs on this tour - he didn't just drop in a 17 for one city. C'mon - it was the Darkness tour - no Prove It? And I remember hearing Factory and Paradise by the C. The old Brucebase UK site had a better listing for this show. It's been too many years to personally confirm all 23 of these but I believe it is the best recollection I have seen. It fits in with what was played during this part of the tour:

1 - Badlands
2 - Streets of Fire
3 - Spirit in the Night
4 - Darkness
5 - Factory
6 - Heartbreak Hotel
7 - The Promised Land
8 - Prove it
9 - Racing in the Streets
10 - Thunder Road
11 - Jungleland
12 - Paradise by the C
13 - Fire
14 - Candy's Room
15 - Because the Night
16 - 4th of July, Asbury PArk (Sandy)
17 - Gloria
18 - She's the One
19 - Backstreets
20 - Rosalita
21 - Born to Run
22 - Detroit Medley
23 - Quarter to Three

Mike "Bear" Rogers wrote: My first Springsteen experience. I can still see the red spotlight shining straight down on the boss as he opened with Badlands..The rest is history. I can't believe a show with only 17 songs could have lasted so long. Small crowd, not even half full, but totally drained by night's end. Still remember the scene where he faked like he was passing out from exhaustion. Of course I didn't know it was fake at the time.. Even after nearly thirty years of chasing the boss all over the South and Midwest, this show still ranks in the top 5 all time.. Cincinnati will always be a Springsteen town.

Joe Conway wrote: My first show as well. Bought the tickets a day or two before the show. Went with my brother Dan and my then girlfriend Mary Ann. Had a bit of an idea, but honestly no real concept. The lights go down, the band walks on, Badlands kicks off, the guitar solo and then the big man. I looked at my brother and he looked at me, we didn't just smiled, we laughed. A couple of hours later the house lights are on and we're on our feet, sweating and singing "good golly miss Molly". The train stopped in Cincinnati and we hopped on. Can't wait for the next stop.


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