1971-05-14, Sunshine Inn, Asbury Park, NJ

Dr. Zoom & the Sonic Boom
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Albee Tellone wrote: (note: the song Southside Shuffle was mistakenly named "Pretty Little Woman" on the bootleg cd)

This is not the show where the bootleg is derived from, as described on the label. This was the night before at the Sunshine In in Asbury Park, NJ. Although the set would have been pretty much the same. Second billing was Sunny Jim - another band under Tinker's management. Opening act was a band called Godzilla. I don't remember anything about them.

This was the next to the last performance of DR ZOOM & THE SONIC BOOM - It was a wild scene at the Sunshine In that night. The local fans of Steel Mill had been waiting for Bruce to perform in concert but could only catch him at the Upstage jamming or sitting in with Steve and Johnny's Sundance Blues Band at the Student Prince (which happened to be right across the street from the Sunshine In). The place was packed like sardines because everyone remembered how great the band was when they opened for the Allman Bros. under the name Friendly Enemies on March 27,1971 . Everyone played their collective butts off and the show was something we talked about for years afterward. I think the crowd enjoyed it to.


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