1978-07-14, Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TX

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Don wrote: I was there. It was a hot summer evening in downtown San Antonio. Hot and dead as usual downtown in those days. Very quiet on the streets around the auditorium. The Municipal Auditorium -- site of countless high school graduations, an old Spanish style building, pretty. I guess it held about 3000 or maybe 5000 people tops, and on this night (Friday or Saturday as I recall) it was about half empty. I remember darkness and some mike buzzing and a little red light, I guess from an amp, and then hearing a hoarse voice: "San An-TO-nio!" and we were off. I remember "Night" being the first song but maybe it was the second. What I most remember was non-stop energy and the most amazing show I have ever seen. And I've seen lots of shows. People kept calling out what I thought was "Free Bird" but was actually "Fever" and sure enough he played it. I remember everyone in the place standing up, not on the floor but up on the chairs, a mad and righteous scene. Hours and hours of really chaotic and beautiful and awesome music and charisma and performance. I really couldn't believe it and when it was over I was really sort of stunned. Then back out to the quiet streets, and a bus and Heienkens passed out from the bus and Clarence hanging around and then Bruce with shiny pointy black boots and red shirt and pompodour hairdo, as nice as he could be. Heavenly night.


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