1971-04-17, The Upstage, Asbury Park, NJ

Bruce Springsteen Jam
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Billed as "Bruce Springsteen Jam Concert"

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Albee Tellone wrote: This show was the second of 4 shows billed as the Bruce Springsteen Jam Concert. The others were the next night and the following weekend (1971-04-23+24). Bruce had a core of 5 people including himself and Vini Lopez on drums, Steve Van Zandt on guitar, Garry Tallent on bass and David Sancious on keyboards. This was also in the middle of the Dr Zoom days and was a way for the band to earn some money to pay the rent, so to speak. The first reason was that Tom Potter wanted Bruce to draw a crowd to his club and the second was that Bruce needed a place to try out new material for the yet to be named BSB. By now, the female singers had been hired and rehearsing along with the horn players. but they weren't ready for a concert. Saxophonist Bobby Feigenbaum may have sat in on some of these gigs. Calling it a "jam band" also meant that there was room for other players to sit in during the long night. Usually Bruce ended the night at the Upstage with a song called GOING HOME by the British blues band TEN YEARS AFTER. A fitting farewell at 5am.

I was playing in the Green Mermaid Coffeehouse on the floor below during these shows and I watched them upstairs every chance I had. :-)

Albee Tellone


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