1978-07-07, The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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John wrote: I have the boot of this show and although the quality isn't the best Bruce and the boys were great.Peggy your right his parents were there because he mentions them on the album.

Jamie wrote: I was 14 years sold and my uncle who worked in the indusrty asked me if I wanted to go. I was young and I thought the new song,at the time,Badlands was awesome.Being more into Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin, I thought it was time for me to expand my musical horizons. I have bever seeb anything like bRuce before. What a show!!! after this baptismal, I was hoooked and have been a fan since. Thank You Uncle Bob and The Roxy, This show truly changed my life...

John Hocking wrote: Is this the show at which the audience was dominated by industry insiders, many of whom talked during songs, left early, and worst of all, took up seats that fans would have killed to have?

*And*, caused Bruce to afterwards say, "I don't play no private parties."


Peggy Hannan wrote: They announced this show on the way home from the forum, Called in sick the next day to go get tickets, only 2 to a person. The line was around the Roxy, down Sunset and up some little alley, I lucked out because were I parked I had to walk past the front where there was a little break in the line. So I just stopped about ten people from the ticket window. No one behind me complained cause you could only buy 2 but this crazy busybody in front of me almost started a fight trying to kick me out of line. I turned around and asked the people behind me and they said no problem. Well she was Miss bug up her booty and threatened to turn me in to security all the way up to the window. Where the security guard said Hey Peggy! I worked with him at SM Civic. He told her to shut up and buy her tickets. Needless to say my nosebleed seats from the forum didn't bother me so much after I got into the Roxy. It seemed like they played better in the smaller club. Especially his story telling, I think his Mom and Dad were there.


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