1977-02-09, Kleinhans Auditorium, Buffalo, NY

1976-77 Tour
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BillsBruce wrote: My first show...
Concert started very late because Buffalo had been hit by an epic blizzard about a week before, and some roads were still pretty bad. Opened with "Something in the Night" (keep in mind, this was before "Darkness" had been released.) Bruce played a relatively short set, without an intermission. Rumor was that he was not feeling well that night. Still an amazing, high energy show, even if it was a bit shorter.

dave lovering wrote: I was in the second row for this one. Little Steven was resplendent Clarence was in all white. My memory is a little cloudy but I do remember a cool version of the Animals "It's My Life" and Bruce coming in to the crowd for "Spirits in the Night" (no surprise there!


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