1976-04-22, Burruss Hall, Virginia Poly, Blacksberg, VA

Born to Run Tour
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robert glascock wrote: I was sixteen years old, and could have easily been a stand-in for "Dazed and Confused". I took a bus from South Boston, VA. because there werent too many Bruce fans around town! After witnessing many Ted Nugent, Bad Co., Aerosmith gigs this show was a revelation for a shitkicker like me. I can remember leaving the hall prior to the last encore and walking across the large drill field back to my brothers dorm! As we were walking and excitedly talking about what we had just witnessed, a large roar came up from the few people still remaining at the hall! We had to haul ass back to witness bruce on top of the keyboards instructing the roadies to prepare for another encore!!! I'm sure this sight is not unusual for early bruce fans, but for me it was truly a breath of fresh air after the excesses and cattle-like jam festivals of the 70's! Needless to say the encore was fantastic and I walked back across the drill field , exhausted , thrilled, and musically satisfied!!!

Jeff Hilton wrote: First off it's Blacksburg VA. Second the set list is wrong. I was there with 30 or so friends from Roanoke College. After Sandy the band left the stage. They came back and played their 3 to 4 Song Detroit Medley. They left the stage again. About half the audience left. The rest of us just kept screaming from more. They came out and played Twist and Shout.

Bob Weaver wrote: The VA Tech Vawter Hall first floor took turns camping out for 2 weeks for front row seats. We got them, first few center rows and after the concert started, people jumped in the orchestra pit. I was part of the camp out and I'd be damned if I wasn't going to be up front! So I jumped up and had my hands on the stage in front of the Big Man for the whole concert. It was the best concert I had ever been to, and none since has been better. Bruce came out in the crowd, not sure what song it was. It was all just a great time, never will be another like it!


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