1976-03-26, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA

Born to Run Tour
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Greg Thompson wrote: This was my first Springsteen show & my first trip into Atlanta by myself(I was 18). This unfortunately led to me & my buddies getting lost & missing the first of the show. A guy sitting behind us told us he had opened with Night. After getting settled in our seats Bruce began the familiar harmonica intro to Thunder Road. A high energy version followed & this led right into Born to Run. Since all this happened almost 30 years ago now I can't remember the order in which he played everything but he for sure played It's Hard to be a Saint in the City (a great guitar battle between him & Miami Steve), Blinded by the Light(he looked over the album cover before starting & said"OK,I got it."), Backstreets, Jungleland, an early version of Frankie(playing a wooden block with a drum stick for percussion), Sandy (the angels on their Harleys version) & Rosalita. He did both the Detroit Medley & Quarter to Three for encores & ended the night on his knees screaming, "I'm just a prisoner . . . of rock & roll!" I've never been the same & wouldn't want it any other way.


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