1970-07-27, The Upstage, Asbury Park, NJ

Steel Mill
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Albee Tellone wrote: This was NOT a Springsteen gig NOR a Steel Mill gig. Bruce may not have even been there that night, I don't remember exactly. What I DO remember is that a band called FUNKY DUSTY AND THE SOUL BROOM played at the Upstage Club that night. They were mainly a blues band that feature the slide guitar playing of Steven Van Zandt and the harmonica playing of John Lyon (later known as Southside Johnny). On bass guitar was Garry Tallent and on drums was Bobby Williams. The keyboard player was John Waasdorp. Within a month or so afterward he was replaced by David Sancious. Their signature theme song was the blues slide classic "Dust My Broom" by Elmore James. Out of that they got the name of their band. Some of their other tunes were blues classics like "Love in Vain" by Robert Johnson (another bottleneck slide number) and "I'm A Man" by Muddy Waters. They also did songs by Chicago blues cats like Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson. That's how Johnny got his nickname - he loved the music from the south side of Chicago. He was WAY ahead of the Blues Brothers. Bruce may have had a jam session with some of them late in the night between 3am and 5am when the place closed .


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