1975-10-26, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

Born to Run Tour
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J Wayne Kelsey wrote: It was my intro to The Boss live. Friends had obtained a copy of the Thunder Road album from Shelly at the great old radio station KZAM. My friends at 222 E Hamlin, an Eastlake apartment building known to many for a few great parties we hosted, were all pretty excited listening to the album and jumped at the chance to see the show. I had seen Mic and Keith live, and The Who too but Springsteen was an amazing show. One highlight, if memory serves, was the "you'll just have to settle for rock'n roll" story Bruce did that night. The opening chords as Clarence wailed on his saxophone grabbed me like nothing I have heard before or since. It was a rock history moment every bit as exciting as the night The Who and their light show cut the place in half at the old Coliseum in Seattle.

J Wayne Kelsey wrote: A knockout. My first live show with The Boss. My friends at 222 E. Hamlin, an old brick apartment house in Eastlake, Seattle, had acquired a copy of Thunder Road from Shelly Morrison, one of the disc jockeys at KZAM, a great Seattle radio station of that time. My neighbor upstairs had been a travelling guitar picker and troubador and we went to the show together as I recall. The Boss did an incredible show, right up there with the night The Who cut the place in half with an amazing light show at The Seattle Coliseum and their Pete and Keith powered rock and roll. All The Boss songs were pwerfully presented and I really enjoyed his covers of old Gary US Bonds track, Quarter to Three, and The Rolling Stones Carol.


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